EP 34 – FFOP Forum

Episode 34 – FFOP Forum

The Champ and Commish are joined by Ian and Meg in studio to discuss the FFOP draft, Ian’s big adventure into the Canadian wilderness, new NHL sweaters, bike racing narcs, all the new FFOP logos, OJ’s Juicy fantasy picks and all the AB craziness. They also go over the results from their keeper competition and rounds 2 and 3 of the NHL Great Sweater Showdown.

Episode 32 – Bossaball

Episode 32 – Bossaball

The Champ and the Commish get a final look at the LFL playoffs, catch up with their hometown heroes, touch on the Commish’s First Shocker United Sidebet, and make predictions about an NHL logo bracket. They then dive into the most hybridy sport on earth, Bossaball a combination of Volleyball, Soccer, Gymnastics and….. good vibes?

Episode 30 – History of FFOP

Episode 30- History of FFOP

Cam and the Commish take a trip down memory lane in honor of Ep 30! They Recap 6 seasons of the FFOP Fantasy Football league in order to better educate their listener(s) about inside jokes, other team owners, and pretty much every thing you’d like to know about FFOP and its origins. A must hear for FFOP Fans